garden grown fur



it’s nice to meet you! we’re flora fur

the first ever garden grown fur. a milkweed and linen based textile project. inspired by nature for nature.


who we help


animals used for fur

real animal fur is far from being ethical or sustainable. over 100 million animals are farmed and killed for fur each year. to prevent this suffering, flora fur offers an alternative to real fur, that is just as soft without the cruelty. by bettering faux fur, we can finally end the use of real fur and save the many lives it takes.


marine life

faux fur today sheds microplastics during its production, daily use, and care. these plastics end up in our oceans and endanger the future of all marine life. microplastics are toxic and harm aquatic biodiversity and food webs. flora fur uses no synthetic materials and is completely biodegradable. this way faux fur truly can be cruelty free, for all animals involved.


monarch butterflies

migratory monarch butterflies are at risk of extinction. the only food source for their caterpillars is milkweed, and it is being destroyed and replaced with monocultural farms. without access to milkweed, monarch butterflies simply cannot exist. flora fur creates a new use for milkweed and encourages it’s growth on sustainable farms. these farms act as hubs for monarchs during the spring and summer. in fall, the monarchs migrate south when the milkweed pods are ready for harvest.


who we are


isabella bruski

i worked on the big picture for our project, perfecting our ideas, values, and branding. i also created all of our assets, including this website!


noah silva

i focused on the technical work for our textile, figuring out how to turn raw fibers into a complex weave. research was a big part of this, along with hand weaving the rya knots.